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Obituary for Takeria Monay Allen Williams

Takeria Monay Allen Williams, affectionately known as Keria, was born April 22, 1999 to Tammy Allen and Theodore Williams Jr in Boston, Massachusetts. On July 31, 2020, Keria went home to be with God while in
Orlando, Florida.

Keria was educated in Boston Public Schools. She attended The John Marshall Elementary School where she graduated from fifth grade. Keria attended Rogers Middle School where she graduated from eighth grade. She also attended CASH Academy and went on to further her education at Day and Evening Academy in Roxbury, MA.

Keria was ray of sunshine. When she entered a room, it was always with a smile and a gentle hello. Keria was loved by many. You could depend on Keria to always lend a helping hand when needed. Whether it was to come to her Nana’s house to spend the weekend so she would not be alone; Or even if her Nana didn’t feel good, she would come and say, Nana you should take this or that this will help you feel better. Keria loved her Nana with all her heart and just wanted to make her proud. Keria told her Nana she was going
to be a boss one day. She also stated this on her vision board. Trust and believe, Keria left this world being a Boss.

Keria was employed with Harbor Cruises until her untimely death. Keria enjoyed and took great honor working for Harbor Cruises. She would wake up, and if she had the slightest inkling she would be late, she would call a Uber. She would go in for overtime just because she enjoyed working. She would come home and sit down and tell her Nana all about her day at work before going off to bed.

Keria had become a self proclaimed Vegan, living off of Organic seeds, nuts, bananas, tea, almond milk. Everything had to be organic. Keria could have been a spokesperson for Whole Foods and Prime Delivery.

Keria loved spending time with her nieces and nephews. She would take them to her place of employment. At such a young age, she touched their lives as soon as they came into the world. Before she left ,she gave Keona money to start her own business. She purchased Kaliyah a laptop. That’s the giving spirit Keria had. Keria loved each and everyone of them dearly.

Whenever Keria’s parents were sad about something, she would be that spark that would enter the room to let them know everything would be alright. Keria was just that Ray of Light that made everyone feel good,
despite the fact that she may have had her own struggles.

Keria loved her parents dearly. God has a plan for all of us with preparing our loved ones before we leave this earth. Keria wanted to make things right and show how much her mother was loved and appreciated. Keria purchased her mother roses and a card and wrote how much she loved and admired her four days before she passed away.

Keria was loved by all. She held a special bond with each of her siblings, especially because she was the youngest. Keria had a special bond with her cousin, Ashante. Keria was her little cousin but more so, “Her Baby”.

She was also wise beyond her years. Never accepting an answer just because someone said that was the answer. To prove this point, Keria even would sit and debate with her Nana about God and the Bible. Little do people know, with all that debating, Keria believed in God. She left this world letting her immediate family know that she truly had a relationship with God; with these words ,“I put my faith in God”.

Keria had a special relationship with Keyda as well. Little did Keyda know, all Keria wanted for her was the best. She wanted her to be happy and the best mom she could be to her son Lamourri.

Rodney, Keria’s brother, was Keria’s protector from a young child to an adult. She was his as well. If there was a girl he was dating, she would critique her to make sure she was right for him. Rodney was more than a big brother, he was one of her best friends.

Keria had a special bond with Keon, where he would help her with her music. Keon was her big brother and confidant when she needed words of wisdom.

Keria had a love for clothes, poetry and music. You could always hear Keria singing around the house. She was serious about singing. She has written songs that she has sang. She was creative.

Keria is predeceased by her grandmother, Della Allen.

Keria leaves to carry on her memories. Her mother, Tammy Allen and father, Theodore Williams Jr.; siblings, Keon Allen of Brockton, Takeyda Allen of Dorchester, Rodney Allen of Dorchester, Kianesha Reeves (Isaiah) of Roxbury, and Chay’La Williams of Taunton.; nieces, Keona, Kaliyah, and Kyla; nephews, Lamourri and Cor’tavius; grandfather, Eddie McDonald (Shairly )McDonald; Nana Lee E. Williams; uncles and aunts, Tony
Allen ,Tania Allen, Shawana Allen, Angel Allen, all of Boston; Brandy Allen, Darrin Williams of Virginia, Chandra Williams, James Cardwell, Donna Cardwell, and Marcus Cardwell of Boston; a host of other aunts uncles, cousins, family member’s, and friends.

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